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My training as an artist goes back to the early 80's when I attended the Shillito School of Design in Sydney, Australia. Phyllis Shillito was a contemporary and friend of Helena Reubenstein among others, and she was a formidable and unforgettable tutor believing that once you learn good design principles, an artist can design the aesthetic of anything from a rug to a refrigerator. This training gave me the skills that underpin all of my work.


I also recall attending pottery lessons as a teen just for fun, and attained a diploma of Showcard and Ticket Writing from Hornsby Technical college where I learnt to handle pen and ink. Attending the Tasmania University Center for the Arts saw me revisit my interest in working 

with clay, in which I majored and used for my Honours year project.

My hobby of Medievalism led me to find my inspiration in Ancient and Medieval history. Initially it propelled me into the art of calligraphy, and textiles, which I now use as part of my visual arts practise and in making ceramics. This is my niche.

For your interest, I present Medieval inspired functional pottery, sculptural ceramics, some calligraphy, drawings, paintings, and textile work.



Off Center Pottery Shop

Salamanca Arts Centre

Hobart, Tasmania.

Mobile; 0421915554


Marjorie Lenehan 


  • Ceramics

  • Design

  • Painting

  • Calligraphy

  • Embroidery & Textiles



  • Bachelor Fine Arts with Honours (Tasmania University School of the Arts)

  • Diploma, Show card & Ticket Writing (Hornsby Technical College, NSW)

  • Diploma, Design and Colour (Shillito Design School, Sydney NSW)



  • Chandler Art School, North Hobart TAS

  • Creative Typographics, Hobart TAS

  • Advertising Art, Hobart TAS

  • Southern Star News, Cooma NSW

  • Just Your Type, Sydney NSW

  • Val Morgan Cinema Advertising, Sydney NSW



  • Home Studio in Lutana (ongoing practice)

    • research, design and production of ceramics

    • painting and calligraphy

    • making historical costume and embroidery


  • Society for Creative Anachronism (historical re-enactment)

    • founding member of the Sydney branch in 1981, and the Tasmanian branch in 1989

    • ongoing sales of ceramics at Medieval Fairs


  • Betty Nolan Art Gallery

    • The Paleo Collection functional ware (display & sales)

    • children's workshop – paint a ceramic plate


  • Designed Objects Tasmania

    • membership as the Senior Ceramicist.

    • Board member experienced.

    • providing studio and kiln assistance.


  • Southern Forest Furniture Gallery, Geeveston

    • Display and sales

    • I ran a studio space within the building, with a window view to tourism visitors.


  • Off Centre Co-op

    • founding member at original location opposite the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre.

    • Mini exhibition A Medieval Medley glazed functional stoneware.


  • Tasmania Ceramics Association

    • Student Art Prize 2001, Pelican Vessel - wheel thrown porcelain with coloured porcelain inlay, clear glazed.


  • Edge Members’ Exhibition, 9th National Ceramics Conference, Perth W

    • Identity wheel thrown and altered sculptural work, stoneware, unglazed and soda fired.






Marjorie Lenehan


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